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B&C assist Navy veteran win 100-percent for Parkison’s symptoms.

Veteran John Vincenti was survived two surgeries in the U.S. Navy, but the aftermath left him dealing with health challenges the rest of his life -- including a misdiagnosed case of Hepatitis C he received from a blood transfusion.  He was able to overcome his health challenges and forge a great career in computers, but [...]

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Brown & Curry win rare reversal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

When a vet has to go the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to fight for his appeal, a win almost always results in a remand. A remand occurs when the Court tells the VA it made a mistake and that it has to reconsider it reasoning and issue a new decision. What a [...]

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B&C represents more than 30 Mark Wisner victims.

Mark Wisner is the Leavenworth VA Medical Center physician assistant now facing a criminal trial in October over his mistreatment of veterans. Brown & Curry have helped more than 30 veterans filed claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act against the VA seeking compensation for what has happened. More details can be read here: www.veteranappeals.com U.S. Senator [...]

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The McClure family comes forward to join class-action against KU

Sarah McClure, who filed a Title IX lawsuit against KU as Jane Doe 7, released her name yesterday as she joined her father in a class action against KU for its representations about the safety of its dorms. James McClure and Sarah McClure filed a motion, along with Daisy Tackett, another former KU student who has [...]

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