B&C assist Navy veteran win 100-percent for Parkison’s symptoms.

Veteran John Vincenti was survived two surgeries in the U.S. Navy, but the aftermath left him dealing with health challenges the rest of his life -- including a misdiagnosed case of Hepatitis C he received [...]

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Recent Victories

  • In December of 2015, Dan Curry won $70,000 in Aid & Attendance benefits for a U.S. Marine who had been battling the VA for 8 years.
  • In June of 2015, after a five-year battle, Dan  Curry won $75,000 in PTSD disability benefits for a well deserving veteran whom the VA had wrongfully severed benefits.
  • In February of 2015, Dan Curry and Sarah Brown obtained a $250,000 verdict in a trial in Kansas City, Mo., against Costco for demoting a 20-year worker after he reported discrimination.
  • In 2014, Dan Curry successfully defended a small literary publishing company in Kansas that might have folded after a lawsuit had been filed against it in Oregon.
  • In 2014, Sarah Brown was on a team that obtained a $1,105,820 arbitration award for breach of the 2008 settlement agreement with the Catholic Diocese in Kansas City
  • In 2014, Sarah Brown was part of a team of lawyers who obtained a $9,950,000 settlement for victims of clergy sexual abuse.
  • In 2013 Dan Curry obtained a settlement with the VA for $150,000 after proving that VA medical staff negligently allowed a veteran’s wound to become infected after heart surgery. He also obtained a favorable, precedent-setting decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims that will require VA to provide medical examinations for veteran bringing Section 1151 malpractice claims against the VA for negligent medical care.
  • In 2012, Dan Curry obtained a confidential settlement with an oncologist who had performed breast examinations upon a woman dying of lung cancer.
  • In 2011 Dan Curry won more than $100,000 in unpaid benefits for a Korean War veteran whom the VA had wrongfully denied compensation for more than eight years.
  • In 2009, Dan Curry helped obtain a $7.3 million judgment on behalf of childhood victim of harassing text messages.
  • In 2008, Sarah Brown was part of a team of lawyers that obtained a $10,000,000 settlement for victims of clergy sexual abuse.